Sunday, April 1, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: A is for... Artisans of A Cappella Awesomeness

Hi and welcome to the first post of my Blogging A to Z Challenge! I'm excited to be spending this month blogging through the alphabet about the “artisans of a cappella awesomeness,” Straight No Chaser (a phrase I *love* coined by Rick Florino in his 2009 interview with Ryan.) I discovered that it's too difficult to pick just one word for each letter, so I've decided to use more of a list format for these. Here we go!

Photo courtesy Atlantic Records

March 29th the guys celebrated the 4th anniversary of their signing with the Atlantic Records label! They constantly mention how blessed they are, grateful every day for the opportunity to live out their dream job with nine of their best friends. I know that the Chasers are also grateful, since SNC has brought so much joy into our lives, including the many new friends that have been made in the Chaser Nation. Thank you, Craig Kallman! And thank you also to everyone with the label who works to keep the guys on tour and in the studio! We know you're there and we appreciate you!

Adventures Made By Chasers blog by Amanda & Megan
These two ladies have a lot of fun whenever they head out to a Straight No Chaser show and they put a lot of work into their blog to share it all with us. Their creativity is astounding! For example, last summer they co-wrote a SNC ABC book for Charlie's son and this year a SNC 123 book for Don's new baby boy. So cute!

And, of course, we always love to talk about the music!
SNC Song of the Day: Africa
Video by: marcaich

Fun Fact: Toto does know about this cover of their song, and that it's also used in the "12 Days" video, and they reportedly love it!

Keep sending in your word suggestions for the rest of the alphabet and thanks for stopping by! :o)


betty said...

Visiting from A-Z challenge; I do like the song Africa (gosh that makes me old because I remember when it first came out and the video they did on M-TV). Hadn't heard of the other performers mentioned; will have to check them out. Enjoy the day!


Anonymous said...

Visiting from A-Z! My parents LOVE the "12 days" song which we play every year around Christmas. :)

wsbhark said...

I love Straight No Chaser so much I blogged about them after attending a concert last October. They have truly exceptional sound.

I am also participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading more.

Have a great week!

SueH said...

Had to come all the way back to 'A' to work out what SNC was - not heard of them over here in my part of the UK.

I love the skill of a capella singing - once heard a group doing a lot of the James Bond movie themes and it was awesome.

I will watch out for SNC, now!

SueH I refuse to go quietly!
Twitter - @Librarymaid

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