Saturday, April 21, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: R is for... Dave?

Sure! Meet Dave Roberts, aka DR.

Photo credit: Julie F.

On stage, Dave is a Baritone and Vocal Percussionist. Dave doesn't really do solos very often, but his fans will tell you to keep an eye on his dance moves 'cause he's got swagger!

Photo credit: Tara K.

During the 2011 Fall Tour, the baritones each took a turn in Little Saint Nick.
Video: jamielynnwright

From what we dubbed the #ScruffTour of Canada in February of 2011, this is a great video to see everyone up close and I love that you can really hear the bass and the vocal percussion. (And even though they're standing still, you can still see DR's swagger!)

Behind the scenes, DR spends another 40-60 hours a week handling the group's finances. *whew!* You might expect this former banker to be all serious business, but you would be wrong - Dave has a quietly wicked sense of humor.
His Twitter handle is @TheDude_SNC.

Photo credit: Julie F.


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