Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: R is for... Ryan!

Ryan is always in the middle of everything in a good way... Ryan is the heart of the group.   ~Walter Chase

Photo credit: Sara N.

In Straight No Chaser, Ryan Ahlwardt is a Tenor 1, a musical arranger, and a writer and blogger on SNCmusic.com.

Photo credit: Sara N.
"Eight maids a-milking, they were milking just for meeee!"

Ryan has such a distinctive - and usually hilarious - writing style and he has written many excellent blog posts. A few of my favorites are "The Great Portland Beard Tally" (with accompanying line graph), "Operation DOLPHINWATCH," and "Musings From a Bunk."  If you're really feeling adventurous, you can learn about beeps, greeps and wombos in "The Beep Lingo Explained."

Ryan does a lot of solos in SNC - you've already seen several in this series.  I have quite a few favorites, so I've picked another one!

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Video: 007mersk
The way they do this song changes all the time, so it's a good idea to watch more than one video from the current tour, and also to go back and watch some videos from the past.  The really wide view here is because you have to keep an eye on everybody!

Ryan also has a ton of fun photos on the SNCmusic site Photos Cellstream, such as riding a Segway, meeting Elmo when SNC sang in the 2011 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and then there was the time he was sadly trampled by the horse of Civil War General Philip Sheridan.

5 Questions with Ryan Ahlwardt
Video: SNCmusic
For some reason this video is one of my personal favorites... :o)

I've gotten a lot of comments about this video, "He knows your name!!!" lol Yes, he does, and that was before I went to my first concert just a few months ago. When I asked him to sign my CD he even remembered on his own that I spell my name without an h. Can you believe that???  I was amazed. He knows a lot of Chaser's names on the first try. We don't know how he does it, but we appreciate it very much!

Ryan has a lot of great things he shares online and I strongly encourage you to check it all out! (Hey, you've stuck with me clear through to the letter R, so I should have some blogger's cred by now, right? lol)

Web Site:


Facebook Music Page:

For vocal arrangement inquiries, contact Ryan on Facebook.


Sounds Like ALL-WERT 

(Check out his post "...and Slow to Get Angry.")

YouTube Channel:

(We're going to talk more about this one soon.)

Ryan has 3 fantastic solo CDs available on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.com: The Malibu EP, Live From Malibu, and I Can See Forever.

And here are a couple of his other links just for fun:

Passing Go: The Adventure of Ted Leafwater
A hilarious mockumentary featuring Ryan as a young man on a quest to become Iowa's greatest Monopoly player. Mike Luginbill also makes a brief appearance.

Wedding Video
YouTube video from Ryan & Lauren's wedding reception, edited by Randy. Make sure to watch both parts! So funny! :o)

Part 1

Part 2

Photo credit: Kim D.
Rock it, Ryan!

Photo credit: Sara N.

When you see it together like this, it's obvious how much work he puts into everything, and I know that I'm definitely not alone in how much I appreciate and enjoy it! 

From all of us to you...

Thank you, Ryan!!!

Thanks to Angie and Nicole for suggesting beeps, greeps and wombos! I can't explain it better than he does, though.


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