Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: From R to S

If you've ever wanted to see Straight No Chaser on a schooner, now's your chance! Rose Tours presents -

bahaha! The Tyler Hug Countdown Clock kills me every time...

All of the events sound amazing! And the solo concerts from the guys - wow, they don't really get to do that these days!  Ryan has already been asking us on Twitter what his set list should be, and he also said that he's going to *SPOILER*! You're going to have to listen to his recent SNC FanChat interview to find out what it is, but let me say that I wouldn't want to miss that show!

R... R... R... hmmm... I think my record is stuck. *picks up turntable arm* *looks closely* *blows on it* *puts it back down on the record*  There! That should do it!


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