Monday, April 9, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: H is for... (vol 2)

I thought I'd mix things up a bit today and add a bonus post!  Surprise! *jazz hands*

During their 2010 Harrah's summer residency, the guys were larger than life in lights on the side of the building! The photos were taken from the cover of their then newly released CD, With A Twist.
Video: ryanahlwardt

I would probably be tossed out of the Chaser Nation if I didn't mention Hi-De-Ho. Or, as we call it, Hi. De. Ho. With solos by Charlie and his "Tenor Training Wheels" Walt and Tyler (and honestly I kind of consider Randy to be a background soloist since he's the only bass on this one), this song is hands down one of the top ten, probably even top three, on the list of Chaser favorites. They've brought it back for the current tour, so you might be lucky enough to catch it live! If so, make sure you video it, and don't miss the slide at the end! It *kills* us when people do that, it really does. We sit at our computers and scream - AHHHHHHHLSDFOIFISXDNWEHDWEDBtheymissedtheslide!!!!!

So good, you get to watch it twice!

This first video is up close front and center with the trio.
Video: dappleddakota

And this one has a wider angle so you can also see the jazz hands from the chorus.
Video: kerrimh

I had to save it for last because of the high risk that you would just stop reading the rest of the post and keep watching Hi-De-Ho on repeat. You're not even reading this now, are you? *sigh* I can't really say that I blame you. ;o)


LovedeAcapella said...

You forgot #sexualwhitechocolate. ;-)

waterfallprincess said...

lol! Nah, sadly I had to pick. Some great moments around this song. "Speaking of Carole King - no relation."

Sarah said...

mmmmmm... #sexualwhitechocolate

Fab4tune said...

Thanks, the letter "H" definitely deserved a bonus post (I'm sure I wasn't the only one hoping for "Hi De Ho"). And Sara, you rock for including both video views of the performance!

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