Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: TT is for...

*Spring Tour spoiler alert*

Let's face it, when it comes to the SNC alphabet,  
Tyler Trepp pretty much owns the letter T.

Photo credit: Julie F.

In Straight No Chaser, Tyler is a Tenor 1, vocal percussionist, musical arranger and, as of this posting, "the single guy."
He's on Twitter @TheRealSNCTyler.

Photo credit: Tara K.

Tyler can hit some unbelievably high notes!  He does an amazing Frankie Valli, which is spotlighted when SNC performs the Jersey Boys medley.  There's a note in particular he hits in the beginning of Walk Like a Man that absolutely resonates throughout every venue. Beautiful!

Photo credit: SaJaFo Photography

Gum Taste Test
This is a fun video Tyler made for us a while ago.  Gum companies please take note: I would BUY ALL OF THE GUM if you made commercials more like this. lol 
Video: TreppVideos

So funny! Although every time I watch this, I never understand how Walt lost since he wasn't given the chance to identify through smell only. If he had the gum and smelled it and guessed wrong then he would have lost, but they both completed their challenges. #overthinking? Probably.  Moving on...

Recently, Tyler and his "vocal chords of steel" have taken on the solo in Summer of '69.   
Video: marcaich

Just look at that smile! I have to say, I've been a Chaser for over two years, and in that time it has been so exciting to watch Tyler develop and expand in his stage presence. He has always been an incredible vocalist, and he always lights up when he's on stage, but these days he interacts more with the audience, he risks more and shows us even more of his personality.  It comes through on his Twitter, too.  Love it!

Tyler doesn't have any solo albums, but he does have a body of work in addition to SNC; search for "Tyler Trepp The Hyannis Sound" and "Ocean's Four."

Photo credit: Tara K.

Thanks to Maria for suggesting a post about "The only guy in the group with the first letters of his first and/or last name to begin with T... TYLER TREPP!!!!"


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yeah... he owns the letter T :)

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