Monday, April 16, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: M is also for...

I can't believe we're halfway through the alphabet already - I still have so much to tell you!!! 

So last week I said that M is for Mash-up and Medley, but in the ABCs of SNC, M is also for the amazing Michael Luginbill!

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Randy (left), Mike (middle), Don (right) and Blake (lights) - do you see the M?

Mike is a Tenor 2 and a musical arranger in SNC.  He has an incredible voice and he completely OWNS every solo he does - the Like A Prayer video from the second PBS special is a great example.  This next song is from their first PBS special, "Live in New York" (2009).  It's another one that everybody (including me!) absolutely loves and so they have since patiently sung it for us approximately 6,205,397 times.*
*Probably only a slight exaggeration.

I'm Yours / Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Video: SNCmusic

Mike doesn't usually say a lot, but when he does, people listen. Walt calls him the quiet leader.  Personally, I'm in awe of Mike's conciseness - he doesn't even need the full 140 characters on Twitter to make his point! Follow him: @mikeluginbill.

Photo credit: SaJaFo Photography
Thunder and Lightning

Remember the video back at the letter F of Dan proposing on stage to Amy? Well, that night the guys sang a brand new Ponce original written just for her called All My Life.  It's a gorgeous song, Mike does a beautiful job on it, and I really hope it ends up on an album someday!

All My Life
Video: ibsingn

Speaking of albums, you might be interested to know that Mike has a self-titled solo album available from iTunes, and CD Baby.

Photo credit: Tara K.
Photo credit: Julie F.

Photo credit: Julie F.


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