Saturday, April 14, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: M is for...

Mash-up and Medley, and Straight No Chaser are masters of both!

Note: If you're avoiding spoilers for the current tour, you'll want to skip this post.


I'm not sure what the technical definitions are, but both forms involve taking pieces of different songs that already exist and arranging them so that together they make a new song.  In my mind a "mash-up" is a combination of parts from two songs and a "medley" is a combination of parts from three songs or more.

I've seen a lot of Chasers comment that once we've heard a song in a SNC mash-up it's really hard to go back to the original!

I'm Yours / Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Billie Jean / Poison (Lately they've been adding The Way You Make Me Feel to the beginning of this, so it could also qualify as a medley.)

Rhythm of Love / Can't Help Falling In Love

Rocky Top / I'll Fly Away  *special for the Ryman Auditorium

You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three / Single Ladies

Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours / I Was Made To Love Her

Stayin' Alive / Superstition

Come Together / Drive My Car

Hark the Herald Angels / Angels We Have Heard on High

ABC / I Want You Back 

Photo credit: Tara K.

SNC's original hit medley is, of course, the 12 Days arrangement, but they have since gone on to create many additional medleys, all fantastic.  I've already mentioned both of their 50's medleys, here are some other titles you can search on YouTube (put "Straight No Chaser" or "SNC" in front of each):

Movie Theme medley or Movie medley

The Beatles / Rolling Stones medley

Jersey Boys medley

Lady Gaga medley

Forget You / Baby / Lady Gaga

Frat Pack medley

Earth, Wind & Fire medley

1990's and 2000's medley

Moves Like Jagger / Give Me Everything Tonight / Sexy and I Know It

Bruce Springsteen medley

Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty. 
And meet me tonight in Atlantic City...

Jon Bon Jovi medley

TV Theme Song medley
(They did a TGIF version of this one on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon")

Cartoon medley

Hair Band medley (short-lived, but epic)

Photo credit: Tara K.

And with that I'm excited to announce that we're halfway through the alphabet and blogging challenge!!! *sets off confetti cannon*  Thanks to everyone for reading!

Thanks to Angie and Stacey for their M suggestions!


Fab4tune said...

That pic of Tyler from the Hairband Medley is EPIC!

I'm not sure of the technical definitions either but I think other than what you already stated about 2 songs vs 3 or more songs a mash-up goes back and forth between the pieces of two songs. I've always thought a medley is 3 or more songs of a common theme BUT once a piece of a song is presented they move on to the next; the songs are not revisited (unless it's the intro & end like in the Movie Medley).

And wtrfallprincess, CONGRATS on reaching the halfway mark! Love them all so far & looking forward to the remaining 13 blogs. KUDOS

Laurisa White Reyes said...

What a fun idea. I don't listen to much music anymore, but it was fun stopping by. I think I try the mashups with book titles.

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