Sunday, April 22, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: R is for... Randy!

Next up is another R, THE Randawg himself, Straight No Chaser bass and vocal percussionist - Randy Stine!

Photo credit: Dottie K.

Randy jokingly (at least I think it's jokingly) takes the blame for a lot of things in Straight No Chaser. Originally "Blame Randy" started because what happened after he posted the 12 Days video was his fault, you see? Eventually that expanded and they just blamed him for everything. lol

SNC Quarter Notes editor Carla is known for her extremely creative T-shirts, and one of those was a bullseye target shirt she made and brought for Randy. She told him she could relate because everything always seemed to be her fault, too.

One day on Twitter, Kim (another of our editors) had something go wrong so she tweeted about it and added the hashtag #blameCarla. Carla thought it was hilarious and has since graciously allowed us to blame her for anything and everything, sometimes even nothing. It is Kim's dream to one day see #blameCarla as a trending topic. Feel free to use the hashtag or the Twitter handle @BlameCarla, or you can even ask for Blame Carla's advice in her SNC Quarter Notes column.

Blame Randy or #blameCarla - for all your blaming needs!

Photo credit: Carla R.

Make sure you say hi to Randy on Twitter! @RandyStine

5 Questions with Randy Stine
Video: SNCmusic

Randy often shares his amazing photos of the venues and other beautiful views! Maybe someday he'll put them in a book or something. They make wonderful desktop photos, too. #justsayin'  A few examples from the SNCmusic Photos Cellstream:

IU Campus

Chicago Theater


Christmas Eve (indoors) and outdoors

With the exception of Grinch, Randy doesn't really sing full solos, but he has what I call "moments" here and there. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer has one, as do the 2011 50's Medley, the Sitcom Medley and some versions of the live 12 Days arrangement.  Sometimes he and Charlie do one of my favorite bits, where Randy speaks bass and Charlie "translates" what he says into English.  It's out there on YouTube - so funny! And of course you can always hear him along with Charlie rocking the bassline on every SNC song!

Photo credit: Julie F.

Photo credit: Tara K.


Fab4tune said...

Waterfallprincess, thank you for pointing out some of Randy's great *moments*. Chaser/Randawg fans always find special moments whenever he's onstage. And kudos to Carla for making the A-Z blog!

mdsmelser said...

I really, really like your R's blogs. Both of them.

mdsmelser said...

Addendum to above: I just found another R! Make that ALL of them!!!!!

Carla said...

I have to admit the timing was extraordinary, the shirt was given 2 years almost to the day this came out. What a great journey this has been! So much fun , so many Chasers (who are ALL awesome) I have had the pleasure to meet. Thank You Sara for reminding me!

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