Thursday, April 19, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: Q is for...

SNC Quarter Notes!

If you're new to reading this blog (hi!) you might not realize that the SNC Quarter Notes is first and foremost a fan-run online publication about Straight No Chaser written "By Chasers, For Chasers," as well as a source of fun and information for the general a cappella community. 

SNC Quarter Notes launched on June 21, 2011, created from an initial vision by Shaina Eng, and is now put together on a quarterly basis (hence the name) by Shaina and a team of nine editors.

I encourage you to check out our first two issues!

I'd like to take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU" to those who have allowed me to use their word suggestions, photos and videos during this challenge!  Please continue to think of us after April whenever you have something SNC or a cappella related to share! 

The SNC Quarter Notes accepts submissions on a rolling basis - we are always working on our next issue!  Start things off by sending us an email that briefly explains what you would like to do.

Do you have a burning question or vague idea? Let us know! Maybe it's a perfect fit for something we're already putting together.

Did you catch a perfect shot of one or some of the guys at your recent Straight No Chaser show? Let us help you show it off!

What about something creative?  Submit it to our Fan Art section!

Have you written a rough draft? We can also help you shape it into a shiny, print-ready article!

Whatever you have, we'll always make sure you get the appropriate credit for your contribution.

Also, advertising in the SNC Quarter Notes is free!  Traditional ad, article, interview?  Email us for details.

Our email address is: SNCQuarterNotes @

Thanks so much for reading the SNC Quarter Notes and the posts here on the blog. We look forward to seeing something from you - yes, YOU! - in our email inbox soon!

Photo credit: Tara K.
Randy, Charlie and Ryan enjoy our premiere issue.


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