Thursday, April 12, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: K is for...

Today we meet a couple of the people who work with SNC behind the scenes.

Mr. Richard Korby is Straight No Chaser's Tour Manager and "unofficial den mother." If you haven't listened to his FanChat interview yet, you *really* should.  I knew it was a lot of work, but I was still amazed to hear how much he does to make sure things run smoothly from one venue to the next! He takes such great care of the guys, and with ten distinctly different personalities that isn't an easy job. And how many of our Chaser/SNC meet and greet group shots has Korby taken for us? A LOT! I know he took mine and I love it. :o) He's always gracious, helpful and he takes on a lot of pressure so that the guys can focus on bringing us an outstanding show, time after time. He's on Twitter @richardkorby if you would like to say hi!
We do appreciate you, Korby! Thank you!!!

And now, Ryan and Don assist SNC's merchandise guy and Gemini, Kyle "K-merch" Tolbert, with his rare lecture presentation on life, perspective and Twizzler truths.


The Christmas Can-Can Kickline!

Photo: Shaina E.

Thanks to Stacey for suggesting Korby and kickline!


Unknown said...

Wicked post! Good luck with the challenge!

Dianna Fielding

Fab4tune said...

Great stuff as always, Sara! I really look forward to reading your SNC Blogs every day. So glad you included K-merch and his in-depth *serious* interview by Ryan & Don. One of those two guys will ultimately take over Mike Wallace's spot on "60 Minutes" with their tough but fair interview style. ;-)

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