Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

"Charlie doesn't sing a ton of solos, but Charlie on stage is Charlie. Charlie is a show within himself." ~Walter Chase

Since today is Charlie's birthday I thought it would be
an appropriate time for another bonus post! 

Charlie Mechling is one of only two basses in Straight No Chaser.
You can find him on Twitter @CharlieMechling.

Photo credit: Randy Stine

5 Questions
One day all 10 of the guys surprised us by asking the Chasers to tweet them questions for about 24 hours or so, then they each picked 5 to answer in a series of short videos. We've only seen a few of these so far, though, and I'm not sure if any more of them will be doing one or not. (Here are Ryan's and Randy's.)

End of the Road - SNC Harrah's 2011

I just love this one! They all sound great, and the middle of this particular song features a hilarious 90's style spoken bass solo improv from Charlie and Jerome.  During the PBS special, Wanya Morris joined them!  There are a few basic themes, but the actual improv was different every night, so I've compiled a small list of videos from random dates. Enjoy!

6/28/11 by

7/11/11 by
(awww This is Megan. You can read about it here)

7/19/2011 by mamijeanna

7/23/11 by

7/23/11 by

7/25/11 by

date unknown (before July 31st) by

8/6/11 by

8/29/11 by

9/3/11 by

**If you have a video of this song you would like to share, please link to it in the comments! We would love to see it!**  

**THANK YOU to the videographers! Be sure to visit their respective channels for more great videos of SNC.**  


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