Friday, April 13, 2012

The ABCs of SNC: L is for...


You've watched them on YouTube, now GO to a show! Find out when Straight No Chaser is coming anywhere near you and see them live!  Bring your camera and be ready to take some photos and/or videos during the show. Not only is it allowed, but they want you to! There will be an announcement at the beginning of the show that will say they are inviting you to take all of the photos and video you want.  Record the intros AND the songs. #justsayin'

Read this post from Tour Manager Richard Korby, A Special Message About Cameras At SNC Shows, if you would like more specific information. 

At intermission, TWEET about your favorite moments using the hashtag #SNCLive. While you're on Twitter, watch for Ryan's (@ryansongs) #intermissionreport. He knows we love reading them, and he tweets one for pretty much every show unless something unusual happens. Pack an extra memory card and batteries for the camera and switch them out for the second half. 

STAY for the meet and greet after the show. Really! Give them a chance to catch their breath after the show (it's not a long wait) and then SNC will come out and sit in the lobby to chat with anyone who wants to say hi.  I mean, who does that?! These guys! If you stay until everyone has gone through the line, you can take a group photo with the guys (as long as their and the venue's schedule allows). While you're waiting in line, say hi to the avid Chasers, you'll be able to tell where and who they are... lol

After the show, you'll experience what we call the SNC permagrin.  It's okay, it's perfectly normal and a great thing. Share the photos and videos online - tag them with "Straight No Chaser" and "#SNCLive" so we can find them. Then go back to the tour page on the site and repeat!


The letter L always brings to mind the la la la la song from Sesame Street...

la la la la Laughter

la la la la Lullaby

(soloists: Walt and Charlie) (Don't listen to this song while driving)

la la la la Lollypops

Tootsie Roll Pops, actually. But not the orange or chocolate flavors.

la la la la Lights in the Sky!

Photo credit: Shaina E.

Way to go, Blake! Beautiful!


Fab4tune said...

THIS is the most important blog so far for any prospective fan of Straight No Chaser. Yes, we all first fall in love with their music through YouTube videos or PBS specials but what sets these 10 guys apart from the rest is the whole LIVE experience you share with these incredibly talented & genuinely nice gentlemen. Sara, you could not have summed it up better!

MAJK said...

WOW! I just watched the 12 days - they are amazing!

I'm so glad I found your post.

*~ MAJK ~*
Twitter @safireblade
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Francene Stanley said...

I find this post a bit hard to follow. But you must forgive me--I'm an oldie. It's not that I don't want to follow. Just don't speak the lingo.

waterfallprincess said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for stopping by!

waterfallprincess said...

Not to worry, Francene, I'm writing my challenge as a series, so this probably does seem odd to read by itself. :o) Thanks for coming!

waterfallprincess said...

Thank you!

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