Thursday, April 25, 2013

V: Sarah's A Cappella Voice Crush

By Sarah Twilley

I love great voices. Listening to a cappella, I come across a ton of great voices. But every so often, a voice hits me deeply. I have to hear it again and again. And again. I start searching YouTube and other various Internet sources to get more of that voice. And that, Dear Readers, is what makes a voice crush!

Voice Crush: Peter Jones of Groove For Thought

From the moment Peter opened his mouth to sing during season two of The Sing-Off, my ears have been in love. If you're a newer a cappella fan and never caught season two, Groove For Thought is one of the must-listen groups from that season. And Peter is a main reason why. We all thought they were fabulous when they came out singing Stevie Wonder's “I Wish” with Peter rocking his Stevie on the lead. I remember thinking “Whoa... not only is this group jazzy, but this dude's voice is so smooth. Like buttah.”

One week later, Groove For Thought had a lock on my heart when they took on Mike Posner's “Cooler Than Me.” And Peter. Oh, Peter. I mean, you know something is good when Shawn Stockman says his head hurts with delight. His voice is so super smooth with just a slight rasp – perfect jazzy voice.

I had the luck to see Groove For Thought live in Seattle not long after their Sing-Off experience. They aren't strictly a cappella, but I don't care. And Peter, well, TV did not do his voice justice. It was even sexier in person! Sadly, Peter has left Groove For Thought, moving on to other endeavors. Is it selfish to hope that “other endeavors” means “going solo?” :)

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Sarah said...

So.... what happened to 'T' and 'U'? ;)

Sarah said...

P.S. - I have learned since writing this piece that Peter moved (I think to Michigan) because he will be getting married and his sweetheart lives there!

Congratulations to Peter & Michelle!

waterfallprincess said...

lol shhh... You're not supposed to notice that. ;o)

I got a little behind but I needed to keep moving forward. I'll go back and fill them in this weekend.

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