Saturday, April 13, 2013

L: Letters from Lieve

Editor's Note: This is the premiere of Lieve's new regular feature!

Dear Straight No Chaser,

As a huge fan, I think it would be cool if you would come to Belgium one day. I know it is a little European country, but don’t let the size fool you!!! It has a lot to offer.

First of all, we Belgians are real food lovers. We produce about 187,000 tons of chocolate a year and there are about 2,300 chocolate shops, which you‘ll find in every city. Did you know that the praline was invented by Neuhauss in 1912??? (This one is for you, Ryan. Hope you have your highlighter ready because there is more to follow.)

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We have the most delicious waffles over here; the Brussels waffle that is rectangular in shape, and the Liege waffle, made with chunks of sugar which caramelize and form a crispy, crunchy coating. We also serve the best fries in the world! I don’t want to brag, but the French fries were also invented over here (Got that, Ryan???).

We have REAL Belgian beer, not "Belgian style" beers. Over 650 different ones, in fact, all served in their personalized glass in which only that beer may be served. (Yes, Walter, some of those are big.) We serve great dishes, too. My favorite is Belgian stew with fries and fresh applesauce. You guys should really come over and try it. ;)

It rains often over here, but that can’t be a problem for all of you because almost every city has its own cinema. (When you decide to come here make sure Seggie pays his ticket, will you???) When the sun shines, you can go to the Belgian coast, or go hiking or biking in Walonië.

There are also a lot of museums over here. We've got a cool scientific museum called Technopolis. (I can assure you that you won't be thrown out. If you all behave, of course.) In Brussels, you have the Belgian Comic Strip Center, and at Jubelpark, the Autoworld car museum.

Le château fort de Bouillon
Photos courtesy Syndicate d'Initiative de Bouillon

We've got REAL castles and landhouses and citadels - some of them have remains from the Middle Ages. I really love the Citadel in Dinant and the fort in Bouillon.

A must-see is Brugge in West Flanders. It is a great city with lots of old buildings.

Now that you know all of this, I hope you will consider Belgium as one of your European tour destinations!

Lieve De Geyter
aka: @BelgianChaser

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Silvia Writes said...

I would love to visit Belgium, absolutely ... though it's hard to say that would be soon. The waffles ... oh, I can just imagine.

Beautiful countryside as well, and the castles ... I'm sure there's no shortage of beautiful places to see and interesting people to meet.

Silvia @ Silvia Writes

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