Thursday, April 4, 2013

D: Deviate

By Sara Dowling

"Deviate from your norm to achieve the extraordinary."

Logo courtesy of Deviate, LLC.
I apologize if this post sounds like an infomercial, but I have a lot of admiration for this company. And I know I'm not alone, the Chaser community definitely has #Chaserlove for Deviate!  This is one of those supportive things that goes on behind the scenes that makes Straight No Chaser able to do what they do.  

When SNC first started talking about their new personal trainer, Ryan Blanck, I never imagined that he would influence the Chasers as well as the guys themselves. But, as I quickly discovered, that's the kind of impact Ryan B. sets out to have on everything he does - he always goes above and beyond.

As time went on, it became very clear even from the outside fan view that Ryan B. was the catalyst for some big changes for SNC - changes that were necessary if they were going to stay healthy and strong enough to meet the challenges that came with being on the road for months at a time. Changes that would help them do a show and the meet and greet afterwards, day after day, and not be completely exhausted. Changes that would help them stay in touch with their families and friends back home and also their rapidly growing fan base. There are a ton of YouTube videos out there of SNC live shows (check them out, they're amazing!), and Chasers love to share their photos and such, too. You can see the changes in the videos and photos when the guys start working with Deviate - they look calmer, they look stronger, they look happier.

Ryan B. wasn't just a personal trainer; he was a life trainer. They needed him, and so did we.

SNC sat down with Deviate and talked about how it worked for them.

Seggie's video

Walt's video

SNC's (awesome) Tour Manager, Richard Korby's video

There are a lot of great posts on the Deviate blog written by their team members. For starters, you can check out Ryan B.'s post where he talks about something that the Chasers really love about Ryan Ahlwardt:  Meet Ryan Ahlwardt and Scott Haddock.

Ryan B. was hired by SNC, but it wasn't just SNC who changed. Similar things started happening to the Chasers, too. Simply through Twitter and email, Ryan B. was able to reach out and hit the starter button on stuck personal projects, encourage fears to be overcome and motivate healthier life choices.

If you want someone to push you, to really bring you and/or your company - your life! - to that next level, I recommend Deviate wholeheartedly because "wholehearted" is what their company is.
If you're looking for a different approach to leadership development; if you need a new perspective on personal growth; if your organization is ready to create lasting change, get in the game with Deviate. We've got your back and will take you off-track on purpose to achieve positive results.
@RyanBlanck, Founder and CEO

"Have pride in how far you have come, have faith in how far you will go."

Chasers! Do you have a story about how Ryan B. and Deviate inspired you? Email it to us at SNCQuarterNotes @ or leave a comment!


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I have a trainer and I never would have guessed before how important she'd be to keeping me on track.

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