Thursday, April 11, 2013

J: Jerome, Mike, Ryan and Joel

One of the many highlights of the SNC cruise in October was that the guys had an opportunity to share some of their solo music. (Ryan and Mike both have solo CDs, and Jerome has some music on his MySpace page.) In the months leading up to the cruise, they asked for requests and suggestions from the Chasers. Ryan did a solo show along with some special guests (including his wife, Lauren!) and Jerome and Mike did a show together along with Mike's friend, special guest Joel Dalton.

Through the generosity of the guys allowing video of their shows and of the Chasers on the cruise who took the videos, you can search YouTube for SNCcruise, Jerome and Mike, Ryan Ahlwardt solo show, etc. and live vicariously! Thanks so much to all who made this possible. :o)

Here are a few links to get you started. Enjoy!

Videos courtesy Tara Marie Ahn

Videos courtesy Amanda Abate

Videos courtesy yarp24

Videos courtesy chpatlanta

You can should also check out Joel Dalton's YouTube channel!


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