Thursday, April 18, 2013

P: Pentatonix

New wave in a cappella concerts
By Carla Rodriguez

Photo credit: Tara K.
After I saw Pentatonix for the first time in Ann Arbor at a small bar called the Blind Pig, I had learned a couple of things: it's a general admission, standing-all-show kinda thing so bring comfortable footware, and they were going to knock my socks off!

For this second show at the Royal Oak Music Hall in Michigan, I decided that I was going to go with the VIP tickets and meet and greet option, which would also give me a first pick of good standing spots at the show. The meet and greet was handled very nicely - I got some goodies, a VIP ticket, a lanyard and a poster signed as I went through the line. It never seemed rushed or inefficient.  The group was fun and I ended up making jokes more than asking questions or anything else (apparently Scott is not good with geography). It was over all too soon and we stood in a line inside the theater for the early admission. I was grateful, it was COLD outside. Our wait was made more interesting by a serenade from a Central Michigan University a cappella group! Then we were ushered into the theater.

While I'm not a fan of standing in one spot for hours, the crowd energy was really fun.  Young & hip and older a cappella enthusiasts were standing side by side.  Or in some cases, finding convenient railings to lean or sit on. Early entrance paid off.  :-)   My previous concert at the Blind Pig was amazing, but this new higher energy set, lighting and overall more professional show was nothing short of fantastic!  I got to see them do "Thrift Shop," a mix of Sing-Off songs (which is now back WOOHOO!) and other songs I enjoyed from their albums.

In the middle, Avi and Kevin took center stage and led the crowd in a singalong. What fun!  Then came one of my favorite parts of their show, Kevin's cello-boxing. Yeah, you heard me, he's beatboxing and playing the cello. It's astounding!  I can't help but wonder WHY people think music in schools doesn't need to happen! Right after that was another highlight as the group came in to sing "Radioactive" - a great segue into more songs. Avi did some amazing overtone singing and also sang the dwarf song from The Hobbit. Kirstie, Scott and Mitch are amazing talents whose voices blend seamlessly. 

As usual, all too soon, it was over.  It was a young, hip, exciting, crowd-pleasing performance that made me want to see more. hmm... I am in Kalamazoo in a couple weeks...



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Pingsie said...

Great review, Carla. I think Pentatonix is great, too, but being a senior citizen, I need see them at a venue that has SEATS!

Carla said...

Pingsie- I noticed too late that at the venue were sitting balcony seats... so research of the theater might give you that option1

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