Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B: Dear #blameCarla,

By Carla Rodriguez

Views and advice in this column are not necessarily those of the rest of the editors, SNC, or anyone else really. Taking this seriously may result in bad things happening... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Dear #blameCarla,

How do I become the main course instead of being treated like a side dish? The ladies tell me I'm sweet, but then they don't want to ear what I have to say. I think I'm starting to lose my mind - the other night I dreamed I was being creamed and canned! Help!!!

Tired of the Corn-y Jokes

Dear Tired,

Corn-sider that it might be your lot in life. Let's plant the seeds in your head to accept the wonder of the fertile life you will have to lead. Face it, there are worse things than being "sweet," husky and silky all at the same time. Corny-ness aside, I think there are a lot of ladies that would eat your personality right up... (uhh, maybe not the best phrase in the world to use). So plow that idea under for a harrowing good time, and accept the power of the Vegetable!

She Who Hasn't Thrown Nearly Enough Corny Puns Into This

Dear #blameCarla,

I am a big fan of a great a cappella group. They're really talented and fun to follow, but every time they're recording a new CD they really like to tease their fans by sending useless hints or photos of them recording in the studio. I can barely stand the waiting as it is and really can do without that! What should I do???

Curious Me

Dear Curious,

I hear writing your own rumors and spreading false leads on your own can be quite fun and provide a bit of distraction to your own predicament. I have always found that a little misdirection and confusion-causing can be helpful in killing time, and laughing at your fellow Chasers is great fun. Or just laugh at me, they will blame me anyway. :-)


Dear #blameCarla,

I hear SNC's new album is being released soon. How about you 'borrowing' a promo copy and leaking it out to us. I mean, it's you, so we'd have the bail money all set... just sayin'.

Looking To Get You In Trouble

Dear Looking,

Like I need ANY help in getting blamed for anything...

Blamed Ad Nauseum

Dear #blameCarla,

I hear the SNC Cruise was SOOO much fun! How can I live the experience vicariously AND how can I get in on the fun next time?


Dear Landlocked,

Great question! There are MANY videos out there from many different sources that will have all three SNC cruise concerts, Ryan's solo concert and the Mike and Jerome Show. Tara has some and there are many others, including me (YouTube channel : Marcaich), who have put things up specifically for those of you who weren't able to go.

As for getting on the next one, make sure you start saving NOW, put all your pennies aside. And while you are waiting for the next cruise, please do all you can to tell Atlantic, Rose Tours (who are fabulous to work with) and especially David Britz that not only do you want another one, but also send hints on what you would like to see on the next one.


p.s: Yes, I was blamed for things on the cruise... *sigh*

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Nicole said...

These blamecarla advice letters are a cute and humorous while still being helpful on some level. The title has a "don't try this at home" or "don't say I told you so" feel to it. Lovely!

A to Z Challenge Co-Host

LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

Following from the A to Z Challenge.

Little funny-haha, little funny-strange...but all funny!

Anonymous said...

Strange, weird and funny. What's not to like?

Trisha said...

This was a fun read :)

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