Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O: SNC Off-Mic

Straight No Chaser sometimes does an off-mic encore to show us what it would have been like if we walked in on a rehearsal back in their days at IU.

Please adjust the volume between videos as they are not all the same level!

O Holy Night
Video credit: sports4eva77

I've seen this song live. It is unbelievably beautiful!


Up on the Roof
Video credit: MrsTankerjj
hahaha #heartstop

In the Still of the Night
Video credit: Tina Crouch
A gorgeous rendition of a gorgeous song. So much #basslove. And Jerome is flawless, particularly that note at 2:32. *swoon*


Till There Was You
Video credit: sallyboo8892
Beautifully done. The first time I watched this particular video, Ryan's first few notes made me teary. He's a featured soloist because his parents are at this pre-show dinner. If you'd like to skip over the introductions, the song starts at 3:24.

Back Home Again in Indiana
Video credit: sallyboo8892
Yes, you can hear them, even off-mic, clear up in the balcony. My favorite video of this song because of the IU jerseys! #Hoosiers


And then there was the time they serenaded the customers at Gibsons Steakhouse...
Video credit: Mark McEachran

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)
soloist: Jerome Collins

And the encore, Some Nights/We Are Young and IU song
soloist: Tyler Trepp


Disha Doshi Shah said...

Interesting a to z challenge. Happy to connect. Do visit I am following you via #AtoZChallenge

mdsmelser said...

O Holy Night is still my fave for off mic. Amazing. Thanks for doing this challenge all month!

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