Sunday, April 7, 2013

SNC News 3/31/13 - 4/6/13

By Sara Dowling

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by during this first week of the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge!*waves*

So far, we've covered A-F:
A: About
B: Dear #blameCarla
C: Meet the Flat Chasers
D: Deviate
F: Fun Facts (Geography edition)

Sundays are days off from the challenge, so please come back tomorrow to pick up again with G!

And now for our regularly scheduled SNC News...

The official word is that there will be a full tour announcement towards the end of the month. But since they know that patience is a virtue that Chasers don't have (lol), there have already been quite a few individual show notices.  Make sure to keep an eye on their tour page to see when the guys are coming to your area!

Friday April 5th

SNC has announced a karaoke contest! Yes, a cappella karaoke! That means you get to sing the solo "with" SNC as the background track! They want to see your take on "I Want You Back" via their Sing and Share app on Facebook. It's free to enter and the grand prize is an iPad! Come on, Chasers! Let's hear ya!

Tuesday April 2nd

Walt tackled another round of SNC Tell-All Tuesday for us! As always, you can check out the feed at @SNCTellAllTues or Dottie has updated the discussion thread on

Monday April 1st

Since it was April Fool's Day, I was suspicious when Charlie tweeted that later that day he would be releasing the footage of his rappel down a 29 story building. We had already seen the official trailer three days before and it said that we would have to wait until Summer 2018 for the rest. *facepalm* But, sure enough, that night we got to enjoy the premiere of the Chazzmatik Films Production, Over the Edge!

Charlie surpassed his goal of $1250, raising $1310 for the Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA in Houston! We're all so proud of you, Charlie! Thanks for taking us along on your adventure!

Congratulations to the April 2013 SNC Chaser of the Month, Tabitha Hoxie!

SNC Tweet of the Week

Did I miss anything exciting that happened this week? Let us know in the comments!


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