Friday, April 12, 2013

K: A Cappella Karaoke

A cappella karaoke? Whaaaaat?! Yep, you read that right! Sometimes an a cappella singer or group releases a version of a song without their lead vocals, and voilĂ ! A cappella karaoke!

For example, Peter Hollens has a karaoke version of his Bruno Mars cover, "It Will Rain" available for purchase. So basically you can sing with Peter Hollens. I'll just let that sink in... ;o)
If you use it for fun or bring it along to wow the crowd on your regular karaoke night, I know Peter would love to see it/hear it! Tweet it @PeterHollens with hashtag #HollensFamily.

Video credit: PeterHollens

Straight No Chaser is currently running a Karaoke Challenge, inviting YOU to sing lead on their new single, "I Want You Back"! So now you get to channel your inner Sara Bareilles/Michael Jackson/Mike Luginbill/Jerome Collins and belt out a solo worthy of a Grammy nod with the men of SNC as your background music. I know, right?! Awesome. They want you to be creative and add a background, costume and dance moves to your video - the works! Deadline is April 16th and Grand Prize is an iPad!

SNC Sing and Share app on Facebook

Need some inspiration? Here's a 2010 throwback to their Harrah's summer residency in Atlantic City, "ABC/I Want You Back." Love the shirts!
Video credit: nicolemelody8663


Bob Sanchez said...

ME sing? It'll scare little children and make cats and dogs run for cover. Not good.

Sandy said...

Wow, that 2nd video those are some really high voices. Proving once again not oldies are goodies, lol.


Elizabeth J. Neal said...

So basically you can sing with karaoke system Peter Hollens. I'll just let that sink in... ;o)

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