Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Print copies now available!

Great news, Chasers! Print copies of SNC Quarter Notes are now available on MagCloud! Thanks to Straight No Chaser's management, we have been given permission to offer print copies up for sale.

But before you go off and order a copy for yourself, one for your significant other, one each for your friends, and one for your intelligent and well-cultured cat, we'd just like to address a few questions or concerns you may have.

Q. Are you making a profit from printing these magazines?
A. Nope. The price that you pay to order the magazine covers production, printing, and shipping through MagCloud. In other words, there is no markup, and we aren't making any money. That being said, we try to find discount codes on the side of the publisher so that we can offer you these magazines for as low a price as possible. MagCloud charges per page, so the thicker the magazine, the more it will cost.

Q. I see that you offer a digital version on MagCloud for free as well. Are there any differences between this one and the one you offer on your site?
A. Yes and no. The content of the magazine is exactly the same. The only difference is that the file size is smaller and the margins are cropped slightly. So, if you were ever reading the magazine on our website or on Scribd, and you noticed that the pages were slightly off-center, it's because we had to format the digital file to accommodate for bleed margins when it's printed. MagCloud automatically crops that out, so what you read is what exactly you would (theoretically) read if it were in print. AND, the version that MagCloud offers has a little MagCloud blurb on the back, and it's supposedly formatted to be compatible for viewing on the iPad. Not that I would know, since this is Shaina writing these Q&As, and I'm anti-Apple, remember? Haha.

Q. Why does the first issue have "Second Edition" printed on the back cover?
A. The first printing of the magazine was a limited edition print, which was only available to the editors, the members and management of SNC, and one lucky contest winner who helped us find Dmitry (John Pius). Other than this and other miniscule differences, there is no difference in the content of the magazine. Though, keep an eye out in future issues; we may hold a contest so you can win a first edition copy of the first issue.

Q. I live in country [XYZ]. Will MagCloud ship the magazine to me, even though I don't live in the United States?
A. Yes! MagCloud ships around the world! But be warned: if you live outside the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom, you may have to pay income taxes, customs duties, and other fees. You may want to check with your local customs office before ordering. Check MagCloud for more information here.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum order quantity? Will I be charged more if I just buy one copy?
A. No, but yes. No, because there is no minimum or maximum order quantity; MagCloud prints the magazines as they are ordered, so you can buy as many or as few as you'd like. However, if you buy in bulk (20 or more copies of the same issue), you get a 25% discount. But I don't know what you'd do with 20 copies...

Q. Do I have to sign up with MagCloud in order to order the magazine?
A. Yes. You can use this to track your orders, download digital versions, and the like. But then again, what online retail website doesn't make you register?

We hope you are as excited as we are about this exciting announcement! Please check out MagCloud's FAQ for answers to more questions you may have. If you have any questions that were not answered here or in MagCloud's FAQ, leave us a comment below, and we'll add your question to our FAQ.

Happy reading!


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