Friday, October 7, 2011

S.J. Signs In: The Sing Off 3, Episode 3

With the competition getting close to the top ten, who are your favorite aca-allstars? The stakes will only get higher, and with upsets so early in the game, this season is pulling to be the most controversial/exciting yet.

· The boys of Vocal Point are pulling in strong with outstanding performances. Consistency is the key! I'm not a "Belieiber," by any means, but VP showed an attitude and persona that the crowd absolutely adored. I'll have to say that one of my favorite performances was "The Way You Look Tonight." Jake Hunsaker is a classic crooner with stylings beyond his college years.
· Oh, Delilah. I'll admit; the precursor to the well as the first few moments of the performance ("Whadaya Want From Me") had me a bit worried. I'm in absolute LOVE with ths group, and think that the overall performance wasn't bad. "Heat Wave" had the crowd in a fever, and Kendall Young has a killer voice.
· Troy Horne is an amazing human being. (Do you know who the House Jacks are? So multifaceted…you can’t help but be drawn to him. I loved both performances from Urban Method. Myke Charles has a commanding presence, and I can’t wait to see even more versatility from him. The award for amazing arrangements, and, of course, for putting such an incredible group together goes to none other than the incredible Tony Huerta.
· There was absolutely nothing wrong you can say about Afro Blue’s jazzy version of “American Boy.” Well, besides the fact that it isn’t recorded and breaking album sales yet. Christie Dashiell: Could you be any more charming? The arrangement was flawless, and all of the voices, lead and background, were in perfect, harmonious sync.
· It’s no secret. It’s easy for big collegiate groups to have stage presence. But the University of Rochester Yellowjackets are both a crazy, energy packed power ball, and a classy act (with great instrumental mimicking). I absolutely love watching/listening to these guys. Looks like the collegiate groups are out in full force this year! (Aaron Sperber: point.)
· Kinfolk 9. I’ll have to say…this was the most controversial group for me. On one had, they had amazing moments with great song choices…other times, I thought their performances were noticeably lacking. I feel that they didn’t consistently come together as a whole. Jenilee Reyes is a great soloist, but I would have loved to see her really let it all go and belt it out. In any case, Moi Navarro is a rockstar. “Let It Be”.was.beautiful. However, someone had to go home…and to some viewers’ surprise, the family of 9 were sent home. (I loved their swan song…their twist on Loser=sick. Best of luck, guys!)

Next week is said to be amazing; perhaps another upset? I can’t wait!


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