Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tina’s Thoughts. The Sing-Off, Week 1

First off, I LOVE the new judge, Sara Bareilles. I’m really enjoying the interaction with all three of them up there. I think Sara adds a more intelligent female voice to the judges panel. Plus, she is hilarious. So, I'm just going to go through each of the groups in the order that I watched them, because I had to wait until Hulu uploaded individual videos before I could see anything.

YellowJackets. First impression: WHOA. BASSLOVE. Haha, it was the first thing I noticed. I loved the rotating solos! I enjoyed the couple of different feels throughout the arrangement. I also really just liked the vibe of the whole group.

Cat’s Pajamas: Okay… BIAS TIME! I’m so proud of the Cats! I feel like after sitting through a concert of theirs for 5 times now, that I have the right to say I'm proud. haha. I loved their performance. And, stalker that I am of their schedule… I knew the swan song was coming. However, I now really, really want them to put the full swan song on itunes… When I go see them in a couple weeks, I’m going to give them big hugs and tell them just how much I loved it! Chris is always amazing on the leads, and Skinner’s bass/beat boxing is always fantastic. If YOU ever get a chance to go to Branson, take it! The guys are all so nice to talk to. Obviously, I would have picked someone else to go home… Sadly, since that isn’t the case I have to find someone else to root for. Haha. And, here ends my biased opinion. ;)

Vocal Point: It’s official. VP has a new fan, and it’s this girl! I think I also found who I’m rooting for. I loved this performance so much, I’m just pretty much speechless. I adored the lead, as well as everything else. I immediately went over to iTunes and saved every VP thing I could find to my wish list, to be bought as soon as I stock up on itunes gift cards. (Also, I fell in love when I realized they covered a Garth Brooks song.) And the fact that they still did SO well with one guy missing… wow. I was impressed.

Kinfolk 9: HOLY BASSLOVE. Y’all are going to be hearing this phrase a lot from me, because it is just one of the things that I automatically listen for. I liked their song choice, because they really did it well. I don’t have too much else to say, but I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.

Delilah: I went into their performance not knowing what to expect. As a general rule, I’m not the biggest fan of all-female groups, mainly because of a lack of a nice deep bass. However, I was surprisingly blown away. I liked it a whole lot more than I thought I would. I imagine that if I had been there, I would have had chills. And I actually did enjoy the low end of the vocals! So now, I’m excited to see what else they’re going to do. Yay girl power!

Afro-Blue: I’m really digging the jazzy-ness. The lead was great, the bass was awesome, and the whole feel was just smooth and easy and I loved it! I hope they’re able to go farther than Groove for Thought did last season. I agreed with everything Shawn said about them. I want to put Afro-Blue in my itunes jazz playlist.

Urban Method: These guys were interesting. In general, I don’t listen to much rap. However, I liked UM. They probably would have been the group that I would have sent home over the Cat’s Pajamas, even though I am really glad that I will get to hear more from them. I have a feeling they might surprise me.

Fannin Family: Dang. I was not expecting that voice to come out of that girl! I’m really proud of her, because singing to that many people CANNOT be easy. I would have loved to see more from them, but I did sadly agree with the judges on this one. However, I was very impressed at such a talented family. The first thing that popped into my brain was "Branson family!" I also pretty much agreed with everything that Sara said about them all.

My Top 3 Before Eliminations:

1. Cat’s Pajamas

2. Vocal Point

3. Kinfolk 9

My Top 3 After Eliminations:

1. Vocal Point

2. Kinfolk 9

3. Afro-Blue

Disclaimer: I really have no idea what I’m talking about when I start mentioning anything close to technical things… It’s all just stuff I’ve unconsciously picked up from hanging around all the awesome Chasers who actually DO know what they’re talking about. ;)


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I was sad to see Cat's Pajamas go. I really did like them.


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