Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Almost Time!!!

Mondays are about to become my favorite day of the week. Shocking, yes? Maybe not so shocking if you know what begins on Monday, September 19th at 8pm on NBC. (If you don't know, I told you everything you need to know to find out. Or, I suppose you could continue reading my blog.)

The Sing Off is back!!!! And this time, we get more groups and more episodes, which pretty much equals more aca-fabulousness! (yes, I just made up my own “word”) I've been blessed to attend a few tapings this season. And while I can't divulge any details, I am pretty sure that I am allowed to say that this season is definitely going to top the last two (which were pretty amazing). The caliber of the groups in the competition blows me away. Which means we will also get more opportunities to watch Shawn Stockman lose the ability to speak after a “sick” performance, more opportunities to marvel at music geek Ben Folds' theory speak, and LOTS of opportunities to be ΓΌber-thankful that Sara Bareilles (a college a cappella alum herself) has replaced Nicole Scherzinger on the judging panel. And then there is our hard working host, Nick Lachey. (Warning to all who would LOVE to give Nick a hard time: kindly keep those comments away from me. He really is a good host!)

I don't want to do predictions. Shaina did a fabulous job of that in her post! But I do want to share what my initial reactions were after the groups were announced (but before I could research the groups I'm unfamiliar with). I was really excited about a couple of the names I saw because I was already a fan of these groups. When I saw Sonos on the list, I knew this season was gonna be awesome. It doesn't matter that they can't use their pedals, etc. They are still legit and well-liked in the aca-community. (AND they've recorded a cover Sara Bareilles' “Gravity” WITH Sara... how epic is that?) I was excited.

And then I saw Vocal Point. I practically died of happiness. Seriously. Since my introduction to college a cappella a few years ago, my all-time favorite happy aca tune is “Super Mario” by these guys. If their name is on a track, I want it. I always love what I hear from them. Always. Oh my heavens, they are fabulous. And then, on top of the amazing vocals, these guys are just ridiculously adorable. And entertaining.

After doing the tiniest bit of digging about the other groups, I decided on a few more favorites. Afro Blue is right up my alley. I was a BIG Groove For Thought cheerleader last year (p.s. - they have an album coming out soon!) simply because vocal jazz is in my blood. I grew up with it. I love the harmonies, the vibe, the groove. And Afro Blue has all of that and then some. I have my fingers crossed for them!

The Collective caught my eye. I love this idea of solo artists joining to make happy music :) And while Kinfolk 9 has that idea going, they don't have Rachael Lampa. They don't have a Lister brother (if you can't tell, I loved Street Corner Symphony, especially brothers Jeremy & Richie Lister). And there's something special about the singular Nashville heart.

I've decided that it must be an unwritten Sing Off rule for there to be a past or current member of USC's SoCal Vocals competing on the show every season. And based on the talent we've seen come out of that group and on to the Sing Off stage, I'm ok with that. This year's representative is Scott Hoying from the Pentatonix. I would love to see this group go far in the competition. They sound so promising!

If you can't tell, I'm pumped. Less than a week until Mondays get brighter!

Who are you excited about seeing? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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