Monday, September 19, 2011

Sarah's Ramblings: The Sing Off - Episode One

So excited about the first episode of The Sing Off!!!

Having attended the last few tapings of the show, I already know who the top three are. (I refuse to break that confidentiality, so don't even ask.) So, it's gonna be weird watching this, knowing who is eventually going home. It's also gonna be hard to not comment about future things… So, what this blog will be is a semi-polished collection of my thoughts while I'm watching the episodes. Here we go with Bracket #1!

The opening overview of the season had me looking for me once I realized that they were showing micro-previews of stuff I remember seeing… must watch it again when I can pause and look. :)

I heart Ben Folds! I love that America gets little music theory lessons from him every week just from his comments! (We also laugh a lot from his crazy off-the-wall quips.)
Shawn Stockman is buttah. And he likes to say "buttah", so keep an ear open this season.
And I am SO SO SO HAPPY that Sara Bareilles is a judge!

Yellow Jackets: I love that they included the flavor from their recent Kenya trip. These guys have tons of charm to spare and I am so excited that they are on the show! (and, my goodness, those yellow jackets are bright!)

Fannin Family: Having sung with my mom and having heard friends of mine who are sisters sound fabulous together, I know that the family thing is a big boost. But hearing it in action is still giving me goosebumps. Wow. And then you add in the amazing talent of 14-year-old Maria. *speechless*

AfroBlue: LOVE their jazzy vibe. I honestly don't know what else to say about them. I mean, Corinne Bailey Rae's song has a funky jazz vibe to it anyway, but they made it jazzier. And I am excited to see how they spread the jazzy love in the future!

Delilah: I loved the idea of these girls coming back and hitting us harder than they did before. That performance of Grenade gave me chills. CHILLS. It was sick!

I have to say at this point that I don't envy the judges at all. I'd hate to have to pick who doesn't move on. So tough! Too soon for the Fannin Family, but, like I said, I'm not sure who else I would have sent either.

Urban Method: I'm not a hip hop/rap fan. And I still like these guys. The rapper is amazing. I just wish their singer (whose voice is beautiful) was a bit stronger.

Cat's Pajamas: Five gorgeous men who may have just convinced me that I need to take a trip to Branson. They kind of remind me of The Alley Cats (my favorite local group).

Kinfolk 9: They've got a Warbler (the blond dude - Jon - plays a Warbler on Glee). And a female VP (the blonde chick - Kari - AWESOMESAUCE). :)And then there's Moi. Moi has a pretty voice and I seriously want to see him do amazing.

Vocal Point: If I had known nothing about this season until I tuned in, this would be the group I watched the show for. If you've never heard their "Super Mario", you are missing out. Anyway, tonight they brought it with a song I've already seen them perform on YouTube. They did it a man down! And McKay brings a huge grin to my face!

With this group, I think I know where the judges are gonna trim, and it breaks my heart. (P.S. - I think Kinfolk 9 were better than Urban Method this week. UB should have been in the bottom with the Cat's PJs.) I would love to see how versatile the Cat's PJs are. I am sure they have it in them to put out some amazing music and they got cut short before they could really blossom.

Next Week: The Collective, Dartmouth Aires, Deltones, North Shore, Sonos, Pentatonix, Soul'd Out, and Messiah's Men. I'm not excited at all. (I lie.)

What did you think of the first episode of the season? Thoughts on the groups who performed? Early favorites? Thoughts on the eliminations? Please comment and join the discussion!


Nickelpeed said...

Love the blog, Sarah.

I love the Sing Off and enjoyed the fist episode.

I think eliminating the Fannin Family was the right choice for the first group. For, me, it was not a hard choice. They sang well, but they definitely were not as strong as the other three.

I did not see a clear elimination with the second group. I liked Cat's Pajamas. I'm wondering if they had not been from Branson, they might have continued. I just do not know. I thought Cat's Pajamas were good, better than Urban Method, but that's my opinion.

My favorites were Delilah and Vocal Point. I'm anxious to hear next week's group.

Thanks for blogging, Sarah. Can't wait to read next week's blog!


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