Monday, September 26, 2011

Sarah's Ramblings: The Sing Off - Episode Two

Hello again, Sing Off fans! Ready to recap another fine week of aca-awesomeness! Let's get going with Bracket #2!

The opening number was "Sing" by My Chemical Romance. Wicked awesome. The energy was fabulous and we got to see some of the amazing soloists that were featured tonight!
Um, I may have also seen Shaina and my brother in the audience…

These are our fabulous judges! They make tough decisions every week. Ben says they base it off of whether they think there's potential for records to be made by the groups... But enough stalling, it's time for the music!

DARTMOUTH AIRES: these boys are fabulous. And one of them reminds me of a kid at school. Let me introduce you to the golden voice of Michael. Oh my heavens!! Their take on Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" was so full and just amazing! And the outfits were rather loud… :)

PENTATONIX: (pssssst, I think these guys may be the group to beat.) (and I just saw the back of Shaina's head.) You know a group is awesome if they can make me like a song that I don't care for. I am not a fan of Katy Perry's "E.T.", but this was WOW. And I love that they showcased each group member during their performance. Cause I don't think I have a favorite member. They all rock. Mitch's voice is so sweet and pure; Kirstie is rockin' her low end; Kevin's VP is HOT; Avi Avi Avi… big bad bass :) And then there's Scott. Fabulous Scott with his hot voice (and his USC connections!) You can't not like this group!

MESSIAH'S MEN: I have a sweet spot in my heart for African-style music. I love the sound they've got and the story of how music got them through the tough times. Their take on Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" mixed in their Afro-centric sound with the soul of the piece. And it made me smile! LOVE these guys! (and we just saw my bro in the audience!)

SONOS: this was the other group I was excited about seeing in the competition!!! We're seeing them without their effects pedals, and they are still AWESOME on Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game", which they've completely turned on it's ear! I love simply everything about this performance :)

The inevitable difficult goodbye moment. I knew who was going home and it still sucked. :( Goodbye, Messiah's Men. I would of loved to see how much more you could have done! Your swan song, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot", was absolutely beautiful.

THE COLLECTIVE: First off, they have Rachael Lampa. I heart her. Anyway, their arrangement of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" is smoking. Ruby Amanfu adds a bit of sultry soul to the lead. And while it has echoes of the original song, it is totally different. And I love hearing groups reinvent a song! Can't wait to see what else they can do.

**Apparently, Shawn Stockman is a sucker for altos. I promptly introduced myself on Twitter.

SOUL'D OUT: "Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In" - Hair
Hey, I know someone from Wilsonville! Anyway, these high schoolers are tackling some trippy stuff… ;) And I was kinda flashing back to my own high school experience in show choir. I love their full sound!

Quick side note: heard the tail end of a commercial for the show "Parenthood" and the song sounded a cappella. Another friend asked me about it as well, so I looked for it. It's by Courtney Jones and it's called "Weightless". It sounds amazing, really… just thought I'd recommend it! (Check it out:

NORTH SHORE: "Runaround Sue" - Dion
There's something comforting about a group of guys old enough to be my dad wearing their Hawaiian shirts singing some fine doo wop. Add that they're from BAHSTON :) Guy Chiapponi, oh my heavens, has an amazing voice. These guys are so much fun to watch!

DELTONES: "Feels Like Home" - Randy Newman
The soloist on this song pierced me the moment she started singing. I love this song and their arrangement of it was absolutely hauntingly beautiful.

We have to say goodbye to someone else… :( I really liked this second half so much, and enjoyed Soul'd Out so much. Can you imagine what they could do with a bit more maturity on those voices? WOW. Sad that they're going home...

Can't wait to see next week's show… keep an eye out for me and Shaina in the audience!

And PLEASE leave your own feedback about the episode below!


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