Sunday, March 10, 2013

SNC News 3/3/13 - 3/9/13

By Sara Dowling

Thursday Mar 7th

Well, that was kinda crazy and a lot of fun and the hour just flew by! :o) If you didn't make it, Eileen and Dottie have both compiled the main questions and Walt's replies over at

Walt's Facebook Chat on 3/7/13 

SNC's Tell All Tuesdays

Or you can also read through the thread on the SNC FB page.

Walt answered so many questions that Facebook warned him three times to slow down and then cut him off from posting! The SNC Twitterbugs (Chasers on Twitter) have been known to break Twitter with our enthusiasm and get individually locked out on occasion, so this is a proud moment! Welcome to the club, Walt, and thanks for your time!


Join Walt for a chat on Facebook TONIGHT from 7-8 pm EST! Make sure you *like* the SNC FB Page!

Update from SNC: "There's no special software or log in required... all you need to do is show up (on Facebook) and type your questions in the comments! You'll see a new picture and new post open up at 7pm EST to start things off."

Photo courtesy of Straight No Chaser

Wednesday Mar 6th

PopCrush released an exclusive behind the scenes in the studio video of Sara Bareilles and SNC recording "I Want You Back!"

Tuesday Mar 5th

Do you remember when Seggie fell on stage? (video credit: rebeccaajanee15)

Well, he fell again... and lived to blog about it. Sooooo awesome!!!

In the video, Seggie said he was trying to one up Charlie's plan to throw himself off a very tall building on March 23rd - and YOU can help! Charlie has reached his initial fundraising goal of $1250, but there's no reason to stop there, Chasers! The money raised will benefit the Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA in Houston, TX.

SNC Tweet of the Week

DR attended a Pentatonix concert on Sunday and tweeted this awesome photo. (SNC/PTX collaboration someday soon? Pretty please?)


Unknown said...

That was SO much fun! :D I loved getting the opportunity to talk to all the Chasers as well as Walt. Seggie, Blake, Charlie, and Ryan's additions were hilarious as well. I wonder if Walt ever got his pizza. Also, anyone up for a Chaser convention in Vegas? :P

SNC Quarter Notes said...

Rest assured, Walt did get his pizza! :o)

I would totally be up for a ChaserCon in Vegas. #BestCoastFTW


Brett Minor said...

I had no idea Facebook put a limit on how much or often you could post.

Dropping by from A to Z Challenge. This is my first year participating.

Brett Minor
Transformed Nonconformist

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