Sunday, March 3, 2013

SNC News 2/24/13 - 3/2/13

By Sara Dowling

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SNC released a new publicity photo on Thursday. Niiiice, huh? Tyler's even looking at the camera! And smiling! His mom is reportedly very proud that he's looking so good in this shot. lol And look! It's Steve! Hi, Steve! :o)

Friday Mar 1st

Sending a SNCQN shoutout to the March Chaser of the Month, Jessica T.! 

Wednesday Feb 27th
If you haven't caught the new YouTube show Inside A Cappella yet, you should definitely check it out! From Executive Producers Deke Sharon and Dave Longo, it's a fun show full of useful and important information about the world of a cappella. In the latest episode, they chat briefly with Dan Ponce about the upcoming SNC movie:

"Never be without a pitch pipe or business card!" ~ Deke

February 22nd - March 1st 

Another BEEP Week has come to a close! Thanks to everyone who stopped by on Facebook, Twitter and to share their favorite SNC baritone moments! And thank you, Dottie, for coordinating a fun week for the Chasers!

SNC Tweet of the Week

Over at, @DekeSharon blogged about "How Straight No Chaser changed the game"!


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