Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sarah's Ramblings: The Sing Off Finale

AHHHHHHH! It's the final episode! I don't know what I am going to do with myself on Monday nights. Well, next week, I know I'll be watching the Sing Off Holiday Special. But beyond that… sadness.

Tonight, it comes down to the top three groups: Pentatonix, Dartmouth Aires, and Urban Method. Excitement is boiling over!

Now, normally I would decry the whole two-hour-show-for-a-two-minute-result thing. But, because this is all about a cappella, I really don't mind :) Bring on the music!

To open the show, the groups sing Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" - an awesome arrangement that even leaves room for Myke to rap. There are simply too many fabulous moments in this song to mention. This is gonna be a crazy awesome show!

I love that the show has the finalists focusing on causes near to their hearts. First off, we see the members of Pentatonix working with an organization that helps bullied youth (The Trevor Project). And now they're gonna blow us away with "Without You" by David Guetta feat. Usher. It's obvious that these five were meant to sing together. The harmonies between Scott, Mitch and Kirstie are always tight and locked in. And they are always complemented so well by the Meat and Potatoes, Avi & Kevin, on the bass and drums. Win or not, they have been seen by the world and will go far with their perfect combination.

Wait, did Nick just say he finally gets to do a 98 Degrees song on the show????

Vocal Point!!! Oh, and one of my favorite performances that they did. Croon it, Jake!!! And McKay looks so freakin' happy, as usual!!! Oh how I have missed them :)

Next up, Urban Method spends time with families who have been affected by sickle cell disease (Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California), like group members Kim & Myke. They hit the stage with "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine. Gonna take this time now to say that I have not been as big a fan of Urban Method as I am of the other finalists (or a few other groups that have left us already). But you have to admit that their group chemistry is kind of charismatic - they bring us in when they perform. Even when it's not perfect.

Finally, the Dartmouth Aires spent the day hanging out with stroke survivors (Saving Strokes), with Michael getting to share his own experience with his mother's post-stroke rehab. In their dramatic fashion, they bring us Meatloaf's "Paradise By The Dashboard Light." And they add a special guest appearance by Delilah's Amy Whitcomb :) These guys always have some sort of unexpected dramatic twist in their songs - sometimes it's in their choreo, sometimes it's in their lyrics, and sometimes it's built in to the harmonies. But they never fail to keep us on the edge of our seats and that is why they have made it to the finale.

I am beyond excited about all of the things Nick just said was upcoming… ALL of the ladies in one song and ALL of the guys in one song!!!!!!!! :)

"Give me just one night… una noche." :) Watching Nick Lachey dance is gonna be worth it. And I love that Ben is taking over hosting duties while Nick sets up on stage!!!! (lol, "the stallion of The Sing Off" ha!) I definitely dig the arrangement. Have I mentioned that 98 Degrees was my boyband of choice? My friends loved BSB and 'Nsync, but I loved those Lachey boys (particularly Drew) and their buddies. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this arrangement! And Kirstie speaking her saucy Spanish right before that sick breakdown… HOT. But I think my absolute favorite part was the final run of the chorus, when Pentatonix was speed singing (awesome vocalese, baby)!

Welcome back, Deltones!

I love Sara Bareilles. The highlight of my Sing Off viewing last season was being in studio during the finale and seeing her perform "King of Anything" with The Backbeats. So, anything that equals her being on stage makes me happy. Sara & Urban Method are performing her newest single, "Gonna Get Over You." Sara sounds as fabulous as ever. And Urban Method frames her voice perfectly. (I'm gonna say it: a definite a improvement over the last two years's female judge performer… you know you were thinking it!) It's the sweetest performance, really. So fun!

Afro-Blue!!!!! I know I just saw them last week, but I miss them. Muchly.

Every time Ben Folds mixes with a group on this show, I smile super wide. And I love that he's adding the audience to the show!!!! Oh how I wish I could have been there! The Aires are the perfect group to back Ben up on "Not The Same" - just as fun-loving. I am still LOVING that the audience plays a dramatic role in the song :) And I think I just spied my favorite Yellowjacket taking his role as "audience chorister" seriously! Ben is the best. Seriously, who else could teach an audience to sing in harmony in ten seconds?

YELLOWJACKETS!!!! Aaron!!!!! Wave that flag, boys! I've missed them!

Hello, ladies! It's been a hot season for estrogen on The Sing Off… I am so excited for this take on Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman"!!! "Girls rule! Yeah, duh." Seriously, I don't have words to express the amazingness of this performance. So much ear candy in one song!

North Shore!!!! Oh, Guy… I've missed you :)

Okie dokie, boys… you'd better bring it! This is gonna render me speechless. I mean, I am in love with every voice on that stage. And, really, all you need to do is add a McKay smile and an Aaron high note and I'm good. "Born To Run" by Bruce Springsteen is such an awesome pick for these guys to sing. I love that they start with Scott and Michael out front. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy watching them all go crazy on stage?

More than 1 million online views of "Grenade"? Not surprised. :) Delilah rocks!

Smokey Robinson. We're talking amazing. And Afro-Blue gets to sing with him. PERFECT pairing! "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" sounds fabulous. (I think it's a better performance than the last time Smokey graced the Sing Off stage - in season one, he sang "Tracks of my Tears" with NOTA.) This whole performance is sick! (Reggie's bass… I was grinning with every note… LOVE him.)

The Collective! I've missed them. I hope they make it out to CA to do a solo show sometime… I'd buy that ticket!

It's time to find out who placed where. Our third place group is… Urban Method. Like I've mentioned above, I'm not as big on these guys as the other groups. I will admit to being surprised that they've made it to the finale. But I will also say that I do think they're super talented! They're just not my cup of tea. Diddy's "Coming Home" serves as their swan song as they leave the Sing Off stage.

It's down to the Dartmouth Aires and Pentatonix. (Kirstie looks sick with nerves… I can't imagine being in their place! Oh, and have you noticed… she is the only girl on stage. And the first girl in Sing Off history to make it to the final two!) After giving us one more look at each group's journey, we are given the obligatory torturous final commercial break before we come back for the results. (I mean, really? Enough, already!) Who is it gonna be???????

PENTATONIX!!!!!!! I've kinda been saying it since I first saw them perform. When I met Avi, that was one thing I said. "You guys are totally gonna win this."

And they earned it. Boy did they ever.

Don't forget to tune in next week for The Sing-Off Christmas special, "A Sing-Off Christmas"!


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